Bhoomki creates and curates

fine clothing in an ethical fashion

for the good of the planet

Thanks for visiting! I’m Swati Argade, the Founder and Creative Director of Bhoomki.  For years, I eponymously designed, manufactured, and distributed ethically produced collections of women’s clothing made from Indian artisan fabrics.  About five years ago, I took a break from the fashion world to rethink my business model -- disillusionment with the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion designing/buying cycle and the lack of enthusiasm back then (unlike today) for sustainable fashion had burned me out. I was tired of the waste. Most designers create 30-60 piece collections, yet buyers typically order a modest percentage of the styles for reproduction.  As an emerging designer, designing and manufacturing of such large collections taxed my limited resources. And by the time the clothes hung in boutiques across the country, it was already time to tackle sourcing, design, and marketing for the next season.

My break from the fashion industry reinvigorated my founding mission as a designer: To make ethically fashioned, high-quality, low-quantity collections for my customers, not trend-driven clothes worn for a single season. It also inspired me to open a brick and mortar shop featuring the best brands in ethical fashion who make collections built on environmental and/or social responsibility. 

Ethically Fashioned Fabrics, Fair-trade Production

When you make a Bhoomki purchase, you help preserve the earth and support traditional artisans around the world. You shrink your carbon footprint, you help keep poison out of our rivers, you support endangered textile traditions, and ensure that factory workers receive a fair wage and thrive in humane working conditions.

Bhoomki features brands who source organic, recycled and/or artisan fabrics. Our in-house line is cut and sewn in child-free factories where workers receive a living wage under humane working conditions. Whenever possible, we manufacture in NYC, use low-impact dyes and offset shipping costs with carbon credits toward renewable energy initiatives.  We do all of the above without sacrificing superb craftsmanship, quality and fit.