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Ethical Fashion Q&A with Amisha Patel

Swati Argade

Posted on July 24 2013

Amisha Patel from The Catrinka Project and Ode Kids took a few moments to chat with us and answer our three questions on what ethical fashion means to her. 

Bhoomki Ethical Fashion Q&A with Amisha Patel

1. How do you approach ethical fashion?

I think the only way to build a good business is to build it upon your passions and around people you trust. Ethical fashion to me is just the right way to build a business. Making beautiful things in a beautiful way translates to the final product across all disciplines and fashion should be no different.

2. Why is ethical fashion important to you?

As a designer and entrepreneur, I'm fueled by a passion for providing employment, especially for women, so that others can hopefully attain the freedoms and self-empowerment that overeducated women like me often take for granted. I think ethical fashion is a tangible way to promote that passion along with my love for craftsmanship and pride in production while providing sustainable economic development.

3. What is one thing you'd like people to know about ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion isn't just hemp bracelets and shapeless off-white sack dresses. All fashion could be ethical if designers and consumers commit to treating every link in the supply chain with dignity and respect.

Any questions of your own for Amisha?  Let us know...


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