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Ethical Fashion Q&A with Lenora Cabili

Swati Argade

Posted on May 20 2014

Inspired by the traditional craftwork of her native Philippines, Lenora Cabili, a former dancer turned fashion designer, uses a variety of intricate beadwork and artisanal designs — many of which defined her sense of fashion as a child. Each of her pieces is created with great precision and skill by Filipino craftspeople, and Bhoomki is thrilled to present her work to lovers of handmade and fair trade fashion.   

How do you approach ethical fashion?

Filip + Inna's primary focus are the artisans and from there is a natural progression to use materials and fabrics that are of their own. The artisan and Filip + Inna collaborate - their creativity intertwine to create distinct garments and accessories.

Why is ethical fashion important to you? 

In this day and age when speed  is the name of the game, it is time for fashion to be purposeful. I wear Filip + Inna clothes with pride because behind every garment is the artisan and her life story.

What is one thing you'd like people to know about ethical fashion?  

Ethical fashion is a lifestyle and is a choice to make that affects the life of an artisan and has a ripple affect on their family and community. Ethical fashion is all about people. 


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