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Azmi Slip Dress

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This hand embroidered bias-cut dress will hug you in the right places and have you party-ready for some festive fun this holiday season. The dress gently hugs at the waist and slightly drops into an A-line shape to just above the knee, helped along by the weight of our custom embroidery motifs. We cut a slit in the top layer of fabric and left the silk lining in place for comfort as you make your move on the dance floor.

Vintage wide-strapped slips and Indian kurta slits inspired the shape of this piece. Like our Shero Embroidered Wrap Dress, we made this dress to celebrate female heroes - SHEROS rather - and our enduring elegance, femininity and power as women. Our voices must be fiercer and stronger than ever before to win the good, hard fight, to protect the rights we have won over time.

About the Embroidery & Fabric:

If you look closely you can find in this embroidery motif signifiers of womanhood, sisterhood and feminist freedom. We took iconic symbols of female-ness like XX (our shared chromosomal stamp), the circle, the triangle, and the circle atop the plus sign and linked them in solidarity with our LGBTQ sisters.

We had this beautiful pure georgette silk custom dyed in navy, and our artisan partners employed the centuries old Aari embroidery technique with vintage-inspired metallic threads.

Skilled embroidery artists stretch the fabric across a charpoy or cot and guide a hooked needle over the top of the of the fabric while feeding the thread from below using a chain stitch to create lines. Divine!

This dress carries with it skill, history and feminine power! You will wear it well.

  • 100% Silk Georgette Shell, 100% Silk Crepe Slip
  • Dry Clean Only or Hand Wash in Cold with Mild Soap. Flat dry. 


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