Nativa is dedicated to sharing the voice and talent of amazing fair trade artisans located throughout remote villages in Mexico. As a modern shop located in the heart of San Antonio, we aspire to promote the passion of the wonderful artisans we have the great honor of working with by featuring their beautiful, handmade Mexican blouses, dresses, and accessories. As per our name, Nativa, you can be assured all of our textiles and accessories are directly obtained from Mexican natives.

Nativa textiles are created by gifted artisans and their families who have inherited the skills and traditions passed down to them through generations. Using high quality embroidery produced in Mexico and designing each piece from hand woven fabrics, these skilled women provide a mix of traditional design with modern style to create a truly unique piece of clothing anyone can appreciate. They are proud to showcase their work to consumers all across the United States so they know that everything they work for is distinguishing them as truly brilliant and unique artists.


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