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Mughal Long Sleeve Dress

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Hello lovely people, Swati here. The Mughal Dress is the first dress I ever designed and retailed in January of 2003. We have perfected this dress over the years with more forgiving proportions, while at the same time introducing it in a diversity of fabrics and colors. Sometimes I think of it as my countdown dress. Once evening hits, you can unbutton more than half of the buttons for a sensual and confident look while feeling covered up in a long sleeve dress. Our Fall 2017 iteration, features 13 handmade potli - loop & eye - buttons on each cuff and 30 down the center placket. It is lovingly lined in 100% Cotton.

A Note on The Fabric:

We made our Mughal Long Sleeve dress out of Varanasi Jamawar Brocade Silk Georgette and custom-dyed it in a AZO-free olive-sage green. A good textile scholar can trace Jamawar weaving to the Mughal reign when it was popularized by Emperor Akbar. It found its most prolific expression in the temples of Varanasi or Kashi - the holiest of of all cities among Hindus - where it wrapped gods and goddesses, all made possible by the patronage of the Kings of that region. I always love how temple and textile histories are often caught in a warm embrace.

100% Georgette Silk
100% Cotton Lining

Dry Clean Only. 

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