Our Process


We’re obsessed with handmade textiles, preserving craft and ensuring fair compensation for handworkers. We regularly work with India-based block printers, embroidery artists and handloom weavers, and work with women artisans as often as possible. 

When you visit us online or in-store, you’ll find clothing made from fabrics as varied as handwoven Assamese peace silk, shibori crepe, ikat cotton or naturally dyed linen. Every piece in our store honors the heritage of the handmade, and we love sharing the story of the people and process behind them.


Our commitment to sustainability lives in our brand name. Bhoomki literally translates to Of The Earth. Bhoomi means Mother Earth in Sanskrit and ki means of in Hindi.  

It’s no surprise that Bhoomki carefully designs and sources fabrics with low environmental impact like organic cotton, linen, peace silk and Cupro. We love working with natural fibers like organic linens, cottons and silk. We also seek out innovative recycled materials like Cupro where nearly 100% of the solvents used to turn cellulose into cloth return to the production cycle. We use AZO-free and/or OekoTex 100 certified dyes and are constantly on the look-out for long-lasting natural dyes.


The baseline for what we make and sell is rooted in fair labor practices. We have never wavered from our commitment to cut and sew our clothing in factories where employees work in comfortable and humane conditions and receive a living wage. We do this without sacrificing superb craftsmanship, quality and fit. 


We proudly partner with a women-owned factory in Noida, India which employs members of artisan textile communities. These employees return to their homes with fabric orders from clients which help keep their craft traditions alive. 


Bhoomki celebrates the intersectional identities of women from all around the world, and the diversity of voices within the fashion industry. We are passionate about creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs and craftswomen through our brand. Roughly 90% of the apparel industry’s global workforce consist of women of color, yet very few of them are in fashion leadership roles here in the United States and abroad. 


Our intersectional philosophy prizes inclusivity and diversity in every step of our clothing’s journey: from our trusted female factory worker to you, our beloved customer, our Bhoomki Believer.