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Leah DeFusco

Store Associate.

Leah is a recent grad from Ithaca College. She has a bubbly personality and is primarily interested in social justice issues like sustainably and public health. In 2020 Leah is headed to the Peace Core.   


Dream trip: Tour South America  

Spirit animal: House cat  

Style Icon: King Princess  

Read: Little Women  

Listen: Hi Five  

Fav Bhoomki item: A-line plants in Black  

Cheyanne Epps

Design, Production & E-commerce Associate. 

Chey found Bhoomki through her interests in design, textiles, and sustainable fashion. At Bhoomki she’s either leading e-commerce upkeep or creating designs and overseeing production. Outside of work, she loves finding quiet moments to pursue creative projects at home.

Dream trip: A road trip across the US exploring landscapes and collecting oddities along the way.

Spirit Animal: No idea!

Style Icons: Tylynn Nguyen, Solange Knowles, and Oroma Elewa

Favorite Read: Fashion Related? 'Gambling with Fashion Fame' by Vanessa Friedman

Favorite Listen: Staying on the theme of fashion, 'The Cutting Room Floor' with Recho Omondi

Favorite Bhoomki item: Cupro Slip Dress