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Our Team

Mutia Adisoma

Retail Manager & Copywriter

Mutia’s passion for conscious consumption and ethical, small-batch production brought her to Bhoomki’s doorstep after living and working in numerous places around the world. She loves managing Bhoomki’s online and brick-and-mortar operations, in particular helping Bhoomki customers build versatile capsule wardrobes and finding investment pieces that can be loved for many years to come. When not at Bhoomki she can be found writing, thrifting, enjoying live music or going to Vinyasa yoga class.

Dream trip: Morocco, for their markets exploding with color!

Spirit Animal: Hummingbird?

Style Icon: Chloe Sevigny

Favorite Read: 100 Years of Solitude

Favorite Listen: The NPR podcast ‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz (so inspiring!)

Favorite Bhoomki item: Paz top

Cheyanne Epps

E-commerce, Production & Content.

Chey found Bhoomki through her interests in design, textiles and sustainable fashion. At Bhoomki she’s either leading visual branding and e-commerce or assisting with production and design. Her favorite pastime outside of work is a quiet day at home working on a creative project.

Dream trip: A road trip across the US exploring landscapes and collecting oddities along the way.

Spirit Animal: I have no idea!

Style Icon: Tylynn Nguyen / Solange Knowles / Oroma Elewa

Favorite Read: Fashion Related? “Gambling with Fashion Fame,” by Vanessa Friedman

Favorite Listen: Staying on the theme of fashion, The Cutting Room Floor with Recho Omondi

Favorite Bhoomki Item: Cupro Slip Dress

Emilee Koss

Retail Associate

Emilee learned to sew at a young age, which led her to studying Textile and Surface Design in college. After graduating, she went to Cambodia for six months to study Khmer ikat, natural dyeing, and batik. At Bhoomki Emilee loves learning about the in-house development of textiles and sharing what she learns with Bhoomki customers. When not at Bhoomki, Emilee spends her time creating hand-painted batik textiles to craft into lampshades and writing about traditional craft and textile practices. She loves live music, sneaking snacks into movie theaters, having park picnics, and breakfast all day.  

Dream trip: Java, Indonesia to scope out the batik scene

Spirit Animal: Penguin

Style Icon: Francoise Hardy

Favorite Read: Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Listen: The Killers

Favorite Bhoomki item: Cupro Slip Dress