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Aparna Peace Silk V-Neck Dress

$ 192.00


Assam is a land known for its teas, tribes and textiles. Tribal women in this Northeast Indian State exclusively hand wove our fair-trade-certified peace silk. In India, few see women weaving on handlooms. Our vegan silk supplier partners with an NGO that teaches Assamese tribal women new skills, creating economic opportunities and career paths historically reserved for men.

To make peace silk, silk moths must escape from the cocoon, and only after their exodus do silk farmers harvest the filament for textile weaving. Traditional or non-vegan silk requires that silk worms perish to unearth the cocoons from which silk is made.

The Aparna V Neck dress has a rolled cuff at the half-sleeve, and can be worn without a sash, or with a sash for some waist defining structure.

Hand wash in cold water and line dry or dry clean.

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