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'Feminism In All Forms' Tote Bag
'Feminism In All Forms' Tote Bag

'Feminism In All Forms' Tote Bag

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Hey lovely customer, this is Swati, Bhoomki’s founder. Our Feminism in All Forms graphic is about Global Feminism, Feminism without Boundaries. It raises the question: How can a global feminist movement include women of every size, shape, race, class, color, religion, sexual orientation...we want everyone to join the feminist movement!

So my six-year old daughter and I sat down one afternoon and started drawing different shapes together on a blank piece of paper. She drew the standards: a circle, a triangle, a square, a trapezoid that looked like a house. Before we knew it, our assemblage of shapes resembled a woman, purely unintentionally!

If we could all sit down with women of every background to get to know each other, what sort of magic might arise? I think we’d discover how much more we have in common than not. I truly believe that by listening to one another, we can make real impactful change for every girl born on Planet Earth.

13" x 13.5"

100% Cotton canvas

Swati Argade and her daughter, Indie

A portion of sales goes to the Global Fund for Women