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'Intersectional Feminist' T-shirt in White

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Bhoomki is a Woman-of-Color-owned business and embraces daily the multiple identities we and our customers navigate as members of POC (People of Color), LGBTQ, non-English speaking, immigrant, and socio-economically diverse communities.

Through our work with global artisan communities of women of color, we work to create products at the crossroads of race, class, citizenship, sexual orientation, and religion.

Paraphrasing 'Bhoomki Believer' and gal pal journalist Mallika Rao, “The term ‘intersectionality’ coined by legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw in the late 1980s addresses the way that people with multiple marginalized identities can find their particular experiences obscured by an emphasis on one of those identities.”

The mainstream feminist movement has historically excluded intersectional feminists, yet needed change in the most disenfranchised communities in our country happen at their intersections.

We believe fashion can have a political voice of inclusivity, and made this T-shirt (and tote bag!) to acknowledge the diversity of voices within the fight for women’s social, economic, and reproductive freedoms.

100% Organic cotton

Screen printers
Woman-owned & Brooklyn-based 
Magdalena Concepts

Artwork by Suzanne Terhorst & Bhoomki Founder Swati Argade

A portion of sales goes to the Global Fund for Women