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Labradorite and Rough Cut Tourmaline Bracelet

Labradorite and Rough Cut Tourmaline Bracelet

$ 88.00

Labradorite is known to be a tempering stone, as it helps bring out the best parts of ourselves while negating pessimistic thoughts. Tourmaline is commonly known as a stress-relieving stone, and can act as an agent to strengthen our immune systems. 

- Labradorite beads and rough cut Tourmaline

Care Instructions 
Brass naturally oxidizes when it comes in contact with your skins natural oils and the outdoor elements. Rub lemon juice onto the brass using a cloth to remedy any oxidization.


Measurements (Waist when wrapped x Length)
Waist can be tightened or loosened as needed.    

XS —26’’  x  41 5/8’’

S—28’’  x  42 3/8’

M—30’’  x  43 1/8’’

L—32’’  x   43 7/8’