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Keap Candles

Wood Cabin Candle

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Keap candles are made using sustainable coconut wax for a clean and complete burn. With  expertly crafted fragrance that captures the world’s most evocative scents. Keap uses biodegradable, plastic-free packaging and a reusable, recyclable candleholder. Each candle is ethically made in Kingston, NY 

7.4 oz, 45 hour burn time

Fragrance Notes 
-Cade Juniper
-Cedar Wood
-Wet Moss
-Guaiac Wood
-Burnt Pine
"Reminiscent of a hike in the mountains in the fall, and stopping at a wooden refuge for a break. Capturing the sights of waterfalls, dried leaves, wet stones, moss, and colorful trees. Perfect for bedrooms, fire sides, and those who aren't afraid of something deep, dark and mysterious."

Keap Candles