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Mask Away Spray, Floral Scent
Mask Away Spray, Floral Scent
Mask Makers BK

Mask Away Spray, Floral Scent

$ 10.00

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY by master sewer Clara Ronk, Mask Away Spray is the perfect refresher for your face masks. Mask up and away!

Lightly mist inside of cloth mask to reduce bacteria and odor. Let dry 10 minutes before wearing again. 

70% isopropyl alcohol, Therapeutic grade tea tree, rose, and lavender essential oils

Mask Makers BK

Measurements (Waist when wrapped x Length)
Waist can be tightened or loosened as needed.    

XS —26’’  x  41 5/8’’

S—28’’  x  42 3/8’

M—30’’  x  43 1/8’’

L—32’’  x   43 7/8’